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The company "Fertilizer-Middle East" offers for sale wholesale lots of grade B carbamide in Middle East

Carbamide (urea) is the most concentrated prilled nitrogen fertilizer to provide agricultural plants with nitrogen throughout the entire period of growth and development. Optimally supplies plants with all three forms of available nitrogen: amide, as well as ammonium and nitrate (after appropriate transformations in the soil). Suitable for soils with pH less than 6.5. As a result of its transformation in the soil, alkalization occurs first, and then acidification of the soil solution.

Carbamide is the most environmentally friendly and mild nitrogen fertilizer for plants with a wide range of applications: from soil application to improve product quality to use as an antistress agent. Urea is the only form of nitrogen fertilizer for rice.

Carbamide (urea) is intended for use in industry as a raw material for the manufacture of resins, adhesives, etc., in agriculture, including in personal subsidiary farms and farms as a mineral nitrogen fertilizer, as well as in animal husbandry as a feed additive.

Carbamide (urea) - CO (NH2) 2 - white or slightly colored granules. It is used to obtain melamine, cyanuric acid, urea-formaldehyde resins, medicines; as a component of cosmetic preparations; in agriculture, as the most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer (contains 46.2 nitrogen), for many crops on any soil; as an additive to feed for ruminants.

Urea grade B is a universal concentrated water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer intended for use under all cultivated crops on all types of soils, it is easy to use, non-toxic and gives a steady increase in yield. It can be used in animal husbandry as a feed additive.

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